The Vision
- MidPoint's Pittsburgh strategy is to joint venture with strategic partners to reposition vacant parcels of land in the city over the next several years.

Developers you can trust.

- MidPoint will acquire/rehab existing structures currently owned by public/private owners.

Record of Success

    The executive team at MidPoint are experts at adding value to our partners/clients bottom line by successfully securing funding
​    where others fail.  Over the past several years, we have and are managing hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate development and    
    rehabilitation activities.  
    The Principals of MidPoint have handled real estate
    development and other transactions in excess of $4 Billion
    throughout the United States.



​Meet the Team


- The sources of financing will include, but are not limited to city entities (City/County/State/Federal), private entities, such as pension funds, hedge funds, foundations, 4% LIHTC and 221 (d)(4) loans underwritten by PBV's plus other grants.

- Develop up to 1,000 units during the next 60 months.

Midpoint Group of Companies, Inc.